Friday, September 7, 2012

#939 Zakopane, Poland

In the mountains up from Krakow, where you can stand on top of a mountain and look down into valleys of both Poland and Slovakia is beautiful Zakopane.
The pine covered mountains offer super walking trails and ski fields, and one of the popular pastimes is to take a sleigh up one mountain, to end up eating delicious Polish sausages and drinking mulled wine! A sleigh is romantic wonder -- imagining you hear the bells of Santa's reindeer, warming your hands under the thick pelt over your knees, snuggling up to your companions! In summer, they change to carriages and it's just as fun.
The wooden houses evoke a bygone era of isolated hill villages and changing emperors, and the market stalls offer up a delight of cheeses, woolies, and meat. In summer, the mountain resort is also popular -- I guess I'll have to go back again!

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  1. We have visited this beautiful town and area twice. We often suggest people visit this part of the world, to their amazement. Maybe i will visit it in the winter if possible?