Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#933 Essaouira, Morocco

Made famous by Jimi Hendrix, with his legendary castles in the sand disappearing along the beach from the main town. A 1970s hippy center where you can still experience exotic markets, quaint homestay hotels, surfing, and spicy Moroccan delicacies, it is along Morocco's southern coast, with an offshore island, miles of sand, and strong cultural heritage. Perhaps one of the historical 'barbary states' where the pirates searched the wild ocean for stranded sailors, it retains a strong Berber and Arab culture. It's old walled city has winding medina streets and stalls of leather, lamps, spices, nuts and souvenirs. The beach is superb, and the ocean breezes idyllic in a hot Moroccan summer. Watch the fishermen bring in their catch, climb over the old castle, ride a camel into the sunset!

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