Tuesday, September 11, 2012

#936 Medellin, Colombia

If Colombia has been famous for anything in the past it would probably be drug lords and Fernando Botero, the painter. Both of these are not from the capital, Bogota, but from a city with a far better climate: Medellin. Pronounced Me-de-jean (rather like Billie Jean!) with the Colombian accented double 'l', for many years it was dangerous and unkempt, infamous for drug murders and gang control. However, like the rest of Colombia's emergence from an insecure past, Medellin has blossomed into what many visitors have to describe as their favorite Colombian city.

I spent a couple of days here in 2007 and parapented over its beautiful red-brick hills, which was a spectacular adventure; but my favorite place was the Botero Museum, celebrating the native painter massive! Everything in largess!

Another great thing -- it's excellent tram network, which has to be the only one in the world to include a Public Transport Gondola which can be taken directly from the main line up to a beautiful vista in the middle of poor barios.

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