Saturday, July 28, 2012

#956 The Blue Hole, Belize

I have never really been a destination diver, but more of an opportunistic one: When there's a dive shop and good diving and I have time, I'll try and fit in a dive or two. The Blue Hole in Belize is an exception, however. Two hours boat ride from the nearest caye through open water, the Blue Hole has to be something you are determined to get to. And it's worth it.

It's a deep dive (120 ft/40m) so quite short (around 8 mins at the bottom), with not so many fish or coral, although sharks are common. What I loved the most were the massive stalactites that we swam through at our deepest depth -- bigger than I've seen in most land caves, but very unique to be seen underwater (they only grow on land, of course). It was formed as a cave in the limestone millions of years ago and collapsed into a cenote. With the rise in sea levels most likely just after the last ice age, it is now underwater in the middle of a pristine, magical reef (Lighthouse Atoll) near the second largest barrier reef in the world (running the entire length of Belize's coast). Amazing place!

Sources of photos: Please note that these photos are not my own. I simply did not have the equipment to take deep dive photos and neither the time nor the money to do a fly over. Credit for these photos should go to:,,,,,

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