Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#960 Bran Castle, Romania

Dracula's Castle in Romania is a happening tourist spot these days, despite the fact that neither Dracula nor Bram Stoker who wrote about it lived or even visited here. So this place is amazing because it is a testament to advertising, propaganda, and the impact of a good story!

Bran Castle, which is really more of a big house than a castle, is one of many interesting sites in the Carpathian mountains. It is built on a high hill, next to an even higher hill of green meadows and forests, but lacking much of a view over the castle. It's architecture is interesting with odd shaped courtyards, multi-level rooms and winding corridors and staircases. Full of charm and well maintained with a bear skin rug, the decorations are evocative of 18th century country living.

While I can commend it for being ambianced-filled, it was disappointingly roped off and full of tour groups, so perhaps not so amazing after all?

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