Thursday, July 12, 2012

#962 Ngapali Beach, Myanmar (Burma)

If I had to pick my favorite beach in the world, I think it would have to be Ngapali Beach in Myanmar. I should say right at the start that my ideal beach does not have many people on it. I am not someone who goes to the beach to people watch. I go for beautiful long stretches of sand, palm trees and uninterupted wilderness. I love local fishing villages, I love seafood, and I love longs walks on the beach passing quaint little centers. Ngapali has it all -- a funky airport (where it feels like you´re going to land in the sea or crash into a cliff), good food, small and large resorts, a stunning fishing village with picturesque boats, drying fish and smiling local people and spectacular scenery. Whether its a massage in the nearby village or a bicycle ride through the rice padi fields, rustic hotels or high class --it´s here. As the sun sets into the ocean, and the 
!tide brushes the floorboards, while I sit in my hammock, I am in heaven 

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