Wednesday, July 3, 2013

#810 Tigre Delta, Argentina

Tigre, a city in its own right 35km north of Buenos Aires is a popular weekend getaway for city folk ('portenos'). The best part is not the city itself (in fact the casino and fun park in town are pretty hideous!) but the delta it is on. Connecting the Rio de La Plata and the Rio Parana to the Atlantic means many small waterways and islands. Taking a little boat, low to the ground with as little wake as possible lets you see the little canals and lanes where people have set up river-side homes and have all their groceries (and other goods) delivered by boat. I especially loved the floating gas station. 

While the river color (a murky brown) is less than appealing, locals are happy to swim and kayak, and the carcasses of old boats make it interesting and historic. The silt houses and colonial mansions add to the uniqueness. Small hotels grace the banks and the air of time gone by permeates the peace and tranquility. Small residential paths with quaint bridges over small channels connect restaurants and accommodation.

Taking the 'Tren de la Costa' on its rickety antiquated line helps make the journey into a bygone era complete.
Source: Lonely Planet Argentina 8th Edition

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