Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#798 York Cat Trail, York, England

Anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy about cats. I was so delighted to discover this cool path in York when I visited recently. It's not spectacular or complicated, but it shows human ingenuity and a fun thing to do. There are so many old cities in Europe and this is a different way to look at one!

As far as I could see, there was one version of the trail available from The Cat Gallery (, which had an amazing assortment of things to buy that are related to cats, and they even had a Cat Catalogue) or from the York Glass shop ( Each of these places had their own cat, so that crosses two off the list!

The history of cats in York differs depending on who's telling the story. The York Glass shop says some statues (since removed) date as far back as the middle ages, and statues have been common for 200 years. The Cat Gallery says that the tradition started in 1920. Either way -- I love it!

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