Friday, August 3, 2012

#954 Tikal, Guatemala

The glory of the Mayan crown, Tikal is a pilgrimage site for history buffs, archaeologists, and tourists alike. Situated deep in the northern Guatemalan jungle and only 'rediscovered' in the 1800s, its uniqueness lies in the sense of rediscovery for visitors.

The only temple still able to be climbed by visitors due to deaths on the others, Temple IV offers a spectacular view over the jungle landscape with a vision of the other temples peeking through the tree tops while monkeys cackle, birds cry, and cicadas shriek, a reminder that the jungle is very much continuous and alive. Wandering the ruins and seeing the reconstructed temples and walls, and then seeing the upright jungle that is Temple III, left untouched to show how the whole complex was found gives perspective on the enormity of recovery of the site still to be done.

Tikal is an awesome place with modern and old, jungle and nature, picturesque and impressive. Loved it!

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