Saturday, February 8, 2014

#716 Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

We arrived in the morning where the cold mountain water made a mist over the river. The trees were beautiful and green and the air was sweet.

It was an easy walk and empty enough at that time in the morning (it gets crowded in the middle of the day). The 1.6km gorge is visited via a century-old wooden walkway that meanders back and forth across the river clinging tightly to the steep cliffs on either side. The Radovna River ripples below and the odd fish can be seen over the side.
After 700m or so, the gorge opens up and the path follows a dirt track along the river. A tall railway bridge comes into frame and the small Sum Waterfall. The trail lies a couple of kilometers outside the mountain lake town of Bled, and there are other beautiful mountain river walks in the vicinity.

Source: Lonely Planet Eastern Europe 8th Edition 2005

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