Saturday, October 12, 2013

#767 Sarajevo Roses, Bosnia and Herzegovina
One of the saddest but yet also beautiful things I saw in Sarajevo were the Sarajevo Roses. These are not living flowers in the traditional sense, but their presence means that the dead go on living in memory. During the 4 year siege of Sarajevo mortar bombs were dropped on Sarajevo and when they land they leave flower-like impressions in the concrete. After the war many of these were filled with red resin wherever the mortar shell also caused one or more deaths, and they form a stark memorial, like a blood-red stain on the concrete, of innocent civilians that lost their lives. As time passes and streets are repaved, some of these memorials disappear. I can't quite decide if I think that's an appropriate end of healing and beginning of moving on or a too-easy opportunity to forget the tragedies that happened. - This website is for a film that follows a doctor through the war and his healing afterwards. It is also the name of a memoir of a South African peacekeeper during the war.

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