Saturday, May 25, 2013

#827 Islas Uros, Lake Titicaca, Peru

In the Southern Peruvian and Northern Bolivian altiplano (Andean plateau) is one of the highest lakes on earth, which according to Andean belief, gave birth to the sun, father (Manco Capac), and mother (Mama Ocllo) of all Incas: Lake Titicaca. Relics of monuments from the Incas remain, as well as from the pre-Incan Pukara, Tiwanaki and Collas, such as the dwarfed burial towers and conical stone penises.
View of Lake Titicaca and Puno.

The main Peruvian town connecting Lake Titicaca to the world is Puno, a bit of a scrappy town with a sleazy feeling. However, the reason visitors come here is to visit the amazing islands in the lake. In particular, the famous Islas Uros, which are constructed from floating totora reeds, are only 5km from Puno.

The Uros people collect these reeds from the shallow areas of the lake and use them to eat, make their homes, boats, and other crafts. They began this lifestyle centuries ago to avoid aggressive tribes like the Collas and the Incas, and now they have intermarried with the Aymara tribe to the point where pure-blooded Uros do not really exist.

Ingenious reuse of plastic bottles to make seats/benches.

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