Thursday, June 7, 2012

#977 Prague, Czech Republic

The amazing view in winter from Prague castle.
The first thing I always remember about when I went to Prague was that it was there that I discovered that blood vessels in your cheeks can burst if you stay outside in the -20 degrees too long. Prague is so spectacular that it is worth braving that kind of cold (and walking around in it for hours on end) because it's so amazing.

One of Europe's most interesting cities, Prague has so many cool things: babies on the telecommunications tower, beautiful markets, a magical rambling multi-styled castle, fascinating old buildings with inner courtyards - beautiful from the street and from above. It has such historical significance being located almost in the center of Europe. Its varied architecture (Gothic, Renaissance, baroque, neoclassical, Art Nouveau, cubist is a dream for buffs. Wandering its medieval lanes, stopping at the beerhouses, churches, and markets is atmospheric. Famous for its clubs, beer gardens, museums, bars, art galleries, there is little that Prague cannot do!

The River Vltava runs through Prague, separating Hradcany (the medieval district) and Mala Strana (the Little Quarter) on one bank from Mesto (the Old Town) and Nove Mesto (the New Town) on other. The twin spires of Tyn Church dominate the old town square (Staromestke nam) while I remember the beautiful stained glass of St Vitus Cathedral inside the castle, and walking up the hillside past the art vendors and going in through Mattias Gate. What a place!

Source: Eastern Europe 8th Edition.
Photo of Charles Bridge: Marion Marquand. Photo of panorama of Prague skyline, summer Prague photos: Brian Marquand

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