Sunday, May 13, 2012

#988 Marrakech, Morocco

Djema El Fna, the main square, with the red buildings behind and the orange juice sellers and other vendors.
Morocco is my heart. I lived there for a year while I was at university, then lived with Moroccan friends in Washington, DC for another year, and had very good Moroccan friends while I lived in Seoul, Korea. I wish my Darija was better than it is, but I love the thought that I can always go back one day to improve!

Koutoubia Minaret
If I was to choose one place in Morocco that embodied me, it would be Marrakech, though of course I love the other cities, too! The desert and the mountains and the red walls and the heat of the day! Wow! Djema El Fna, the main square is an amazing place to be -- during the day there are snake charmers, music, and other exotic stalls, and at night the people and food stalls (particularly the delicious orange juice) are lively and exciting. I remember in particular the snails eaten with safety pins.

Palace ruins/gardens
Hidden tombs in the old city, only discovered in 1915 during a flight over.
None of these pictures do it justice, because the magic of Marrakech is in its ambiance.
Menara gardens in Marrakech

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